Update: Ferry Norman Atlantic, Death Toll Rises, Manifest Confusion

normanafireThe death toll among passengers and crew from the fire on the Norman Atlantic has risen to ten.  One man died when attempting to leave the ship and an additional nine bodies were found aboard.  The total death related to the fire rose to twelve, when two Albanian sailors died on a tug boat attempting to tow the stricken ship to port when a tow line snapped.

The authorities have been unable to reconcile the number of passengers with the ship’s manifest.  Given the discrepancy, the Italian transport minister Maurizio Lupi said “We cannot say how many people may be missing.”  The manifest lists 475 people aboard the ship while a total of 427 people were rescued, raising the possibility that 48 could still be missing. On the other hand, the figure on the manifest may represent reservations made to travel on the ferry rather than the number of passengers who boarded.

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