Gallery — l’Hermione at South Street Seaport

On a hot and hazy afternoon, I stopped by l’Hermione, the replica French frigate docked at Pier 15 at South Street Seaport. A few photographs.

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8 Responses to Gallery — l’Hermione at South Street Seaport

  1. Our friend Will van Dorp of TUGSTER asked about the Breton bagpiper player, the two matelots are French Naval sailors in Summer uniforms. He also asked about the flag flown below the U.S Flag on L’Hermione it is the Serapis flag flown by John Paul Jones.

    I could not find an e-mail link on his website to reply directly. Best regards and Good Watch,


  2. Alan Wilson says:

    A formidable vessel even 235 years later. Did I say she appears to be beautiful?
    – Regardes voux.

  3. Rick Spilman says:

    They have also done an amazing job with all the details of the ship. The rope work alone was breathtaking.

  4. Rick Spilman says:

    Hello Captain,

    I have passed along the message to Will. I am sure that he will be getting back to you.

  5. Irwin Bryan says:

    So glad you and New Yorkers were able to visit l’Hermione and get up close to this amazing frigate reconstruction after leaving us Philadelphians! She’ll be a great mental picture when I’m reading Naval Fact and Fiction!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I am still stunned that our Mayor did not attend the welcoming ceremony.

  7. ed weglein says:

    I saw her during the stopover in Baltimore. She’s a beautiful vessel with a fine Captain and crew. They were very helpful, especially with my bumbling French. She smelled like a ship, pine tar, turpentine and varnish, a fine French perfume !

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