Over 30 Dead or Missing in Caspian Sea Drilling Rig Fire

caspianrigfireThe state oil company SOCAR reports that over 30 are dead or missing after an Azeri drilling rig in the Caspian Sea caught fire yesterday. The fire started after a storm damaged a natural gas pipeline, causing the platform’s partial collapse. Rescue efforts have been hampered by the severity of the storm. One body has been recovered and 30 others are reported to be missing. 32 workers were evacuated safely from the rig. In a statement, SOCAR said that “The fire in the gas pipeline has not been completely extinguished and it has not been ruled out that it could spread to oil and gas wells near the platform…”

One worker killed, 30 missing after Azeri oil rig fire: government

Caspian Oil Rig Fire Kills 32: 26 workers reportedly rescued from the platform near Azerbaijan

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  1. Phil says:

    Waves reached 10 meters during Azerbaijani offshore field fire (VIDEO)