Seal Waving From Ice Patch in the Hudson River

hudsonsealSome folks think that those around New York City are unfriendly, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is a short video of a seal resting on a patch of ice in the Hudson River waving at Megan Viscovich and her co-workers who spotted the seal from their office overlooking the river in Edgewater, NJ. As reported by 4 New York: “It was a young seal and seemed to be full of life, looked like it was waving and flapping its rear fins,” she said in an email. Viscovich said the Edgewater Fire Department and an NYPD harbor unit responded. The NYPD said its divers worked with Edgewater firefighters to help the seal get back into the river.

A seal waves from an ice patch on the Hudson River

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2 Responses to Seal Waving From Ice Patch in the Hudson River

  1. Phil says:

    Here are a bunch of stupid idiots!
    Leave wildlife alone.

    Rare Baby Dolphin Dies After Crowd Passes It Around for Selfies
    A baby dolphin’s death has the internet outraged after the creature was taken from the ocean and passed around for selfies by a mob of beachgoers, according to Argentinian Wildlife Foundation Vida Silvestre.

  2. Phil says:

    You can see the video of them pulling the dolphin from the water then leaving it on the beach in the hot sun.