Bound for the Weymouth Leviathan

weymouthlevI am on my way to the Weymouth Leviathan, a maritime literary festival on the south-west coast of England. I am looking forward to seeing old friends, as well as meeting many fine writers who I know only through the magic of the internet. I also hope to swing by Bristol and Southhampton to visit several historic ships that I have admired from afar.

ALL ABOARD: Weymouth set to launch first maritime literary festival

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One Response to Bound for the Weymouth Leviathan

  1. Roger Marsh says:

    We look forward to dining with you in Weymouth tomorrow, Rick.

    No historic ships to be seen in Southampton, I don’t think, but Bristol, yes; Portsmouth, of course; London, Chatham, a ‘Leda’ frigate at Hartlepool and another in Dundee as well as Scott’s ‘Discovery’ – lots of good ships to see.

    Fair winds! Roger