Jumping Mako Shark in Gulf off Indian Rocks Beach

This video brings back memories of fishing in an open boat in the Gulf off John’s Pass, FL when I was in high school, back in another century. I remember when a friend landed a fairly small 3-4′ shark and how the boat suddenly seemed to get very small as we tried to keep our arms and legs, fingers and toes, away from the snapping jaws and teeth of the very unhappy shark.

Here is a video of three fishermen in an open boat off Indian Rocks Beach, who had been fishing for grouper when they saw what they describe as a roughly 15′ long mako shark, which took their hook and put on quite  show. Fortunately, the shark got away without landing in the boat. They did, however, catch some great video.

Florida fishermen capture incredible video of large shark jumping out of water

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One Response to Jumping Mako Shark in Gulf off Indian Rocks Beach

  1. Jill says:

    We lived right on the beach at Indian Rocks beach when we first moved to FL. We moved to Johns Pass and I grew up there. I remember the fishing used to be fantastic there. I used to love watching the boats come in and weigh the catch. I worked on the party boats for my first job.
    I know the fishing is nowhere near as good as it was when I grew up there, but it’s that way pretty much everywhere. I’m glad they’re finally starting to take action to stop slaughtering so many sharks just for their fins!