Seeking Captain/Educator for Schooner Amistad

Photo: Sean D. Elliot/The Day

Almost exactly a year ago, we posted, The Return of the Schooner Amistad, about the efforts of the non-profit, Discovering Amistad, to return the schooner to operation.  Discovering Amistad has recently announced that it is searching for a Captain/Educator for the  replica of the historic schooner. Tony Arrow posted the following on Facebook:  

Discovering Amistad is a new nonprofit educational organization that will provide full-year programming on its tall ship, the Amistad, in classrooms and at historic sites of partner organizations. It will enable children and adults in Connecticut and the region to discover the story of the Amistad and its impact on Connecticut and the nation. Importantly, the organization will provide learning opportunities for children and adults to discover the relevance of the Amistad to today’s world.

Amistad will be operating predominantly in Coastal Connecticut. In the spring and fall Amistad will conduct 1-3 daysails per day with elementary and junior high school students. The summer will be a combination of daysails, port stops and longer voyages.

Our onboard educational programs will focus on the history of the Amistad Incident and how it relates to the issues of today’s world. Inherent in participating aboard the Schooner Amistad, the student/crew are naturally compelled to work as a team and communicate clearly with each other to sail and navigate the vessel.

Applicants should have a passion for educating in a hands-on environment and sensitivity and interest in participating in healing discussions on racial issues. Additionally, a strong knowledge of sailing a square topsail schooner, wooden boat maintenance and ship’s engineering systems. 100 ton NC license, background check and drug test required.

Applicants should send a resume, cover letter and three references to Thomas Bishop, Chair of Ship Committee, Discovering Amistad and Tony Arrow, Advisor, at and

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