Incat Passenger/Car Ferry Francisco — World’s Fastest Ship

The car/passenger ferry Francisco, built in 2013 by Tasmanian shipyard Incat, is billed as the fastest ship in the world. The 99 meter ferry has clocked speeds of 58 knots (67 mph; 107 km/h). Operated by Buquebus, an Argentine-Uruguayan ferry company, Francisco is capable of accommodating 1024 passengers and 150 cars. The ferry is an Incat wave piercing catamaran design, built of aluminium, and the powered by the two 22MW GE LM2500 gas turbines driving Wartsila LJX 1720 SR waterjets. The ferry is also notable in that it can run on either marine distillate fuel or liquefied natural gas (LNG.) Francisco operates on the River Plate between Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Thanks to David Rye for contributing to this post.

World’s Fastest Ship: Incat’s Wave Piercing Catamaran

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2 Responses to Incat Passenger/Car Ferry Francisco — World’s Fastest Ship

  1. Rick Spilman says:

    It is interesting how hydrofoils for powered vessels have effectively became obsolete, while foils on sailing vessels are still developing.