Do We Really Need a Flying Jet-Ski?

Last week there was considerable media attention to a new “flying car” developed by a start-up called Kitty Hawk, which is funded in part by Google’s Larry Page, as well as Uber and Airbus.  The only problem, at least to my eyes, was that the “car” was not a car. The demonstration was over a lake and the flying craft had pontoons instead of wheels. If it put down on dry land it would not be mobile.  It did remind me of something, but what? Something noisy, probably dangerous and largely pointless. That’s it — a flying jet-ski! Whether we really need a flying car is one issue but do we really need a flying jet-ski?

The newest flying car is backed by Larry Page

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2 Responses to Do We Really Need a Flying Jet-Ski?

  1. Ginny says:

    Not to sound school marmish but I believe that “jet ski” is a proprietary name and that they are personal water craft instead. Unfortunately, in the name of personal (and totally self centered) enjoyment we have another contrivance of the devil. Whatever they are, they should be banned as dangerous, noisy, annoying and a lot else. Can you imagine your hitherto being at anchor in a quiet cove, or having driven to your long time escape cabin on a peaceful inland (or coastal) pond or lake with moose coming down to drink, loons (or ducks), an osprey or two overhead, a peaceful sunrise or sunset and that horrible contraption (this is a family publication so my language is restrained) hovering over head with an exhaust, helicopter effect on the water/land below, and the total loss of privacy and peace? I hesitate to say what needs to be done to discourage them but if you ask privately, I’ll let fly with some unvarnished truths. I’m surprised that there aren’t a hundred adverse comments. Surely the readers can’t be sleeping……….if they are they will sure as wake up when one of those high end toys from Hell appears. What the rich and famous get up to — too much money and total wanton disregard for everything and everyone else!

  2. John Farnor says:

    Do we really need a flying “Jet Ski”? Of course we do. This looks like great fun. I wonder though, if this video was digitally produced or altered. It appeared to me that the unit might have been towed by the runabout that crossed ahead of it. It is quite possible to erase cables, etc digitally.