Sail Boston 2017 — Parade of Sail

Delayed for an hour by fog, the Parade of Sail at Sail Boston 2017 was still breathtaking even if the weather did not cooperate.  The Sail Boston 2017 festival continues through Thursday, June 22. Click here for a list of events and activities.

Sights and sounds of Sail Boston 2017

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One Response to Sail Boston 2017 — Parade of Sail

  1. DAVID RYE says:

    Lovely stuff meanwhile more modern ‘machines’ are afloat at BDA, the Kiwis are presently 1 up.
    Also – “Super Yacht Regatta June 15 2017 in Bermuda, shot from Fort Popple, Coopers Island and St. David’s Battery. I was fortunate to see a pilot leave the Veendam and have an interesting finish. This was an Americas Cup special event.”
    [Look out for the Longtail]
    See also –