Update: Windjammer Peking Heading Home to Hamburg

Peking before downrigging

I heard this morning that the heavy lift ship Combi Dock III has entered New York harbor.  (Thanks Daniel Pine for the heads-up.) The ship is reported to be the heavy-lift chartered to carry the windjammer Peking back to her home port of Hamburg for restoration.

The German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt  recently reported: According to the current timetable, the dock ship “Combi-Dock III” will arrive in New York on July 12, so the trip could start on July 17th. 

In the next three days they will be working on the Caddell shipyard in front of Staten Island. The anchor and two approximately 20-meter-long original yards have to be tied to the deck for the crossing and the lines to which the “Peking” is towed from the port.

The article goes on to say that the arrival and refloating of the ship in Hamburg is expected to be around July 31st. 

The “Peking” – now begins her journey home

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4 Responses to Update: Windjammer Peking Heading Home to Hamburg

  1. dennis says:

    hope someone posts video of her loading and/or departure!

  2. Jan Christensen says:

    My son Eric and I saw Combi Dock III over on the Staten Island side, north of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as we were driving down the Belt Parkway this morning. I got one reasonable photo of her on the fly. The next stage of the drama begins.

  3. Christoph Stempel says:

    We are waiting for the Peking! Hope all goes well. Photos of her leaving NY would be very much appreciated!

  4. Sorry to have to correct you, but you picked exactly the only mistakes in the Abendblatt-report: the anchor and the two original yards had already been securely tied on May 25. And the PEKING will not go to Hamburg, but to Brunsbüttel at the mouth of the Elbe, where she is refloated and brought to the nearby Peters-Werft by two tugs. There she will be repaired for min. two years. Then she will be brougt to Hamburg!