Update #1: Sunken Submarine, a Headless Torso & Murdered Journalist

Missing Journalist Kim wall and submarine UC3 Nautilus

Updated: Danish police have announced that DNA from a headless torso found washed up on an island near Copenhagen matches that of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

We recently posted about the strange saga of the UC3 Nautilus. The private submarine, one of the largest private subs in the world, owned by Peter Madsen, sank mysteriously.  Kim Wall, a journalist last seen departing Copenhagen harbor on the sub, was missing. Madsen was held by the Danish police charged with negligent manslaughter.

The story only gets stranger and darker. After first claiming that he dropped off Ms. Wall on an island in the harbor, Madsen later admitted to the police that Ms. Wall had died aboard the sub in some sort of accident and that he had “buried” her at sea.  Danish police believe the 40-tonne vessel was deliberately sunk by Madsen.

Now, a cyclist has made a grisly discovery — the headless, legless and armless torso of a woman washed up on Amager Island, near where the sub sank. The police are awaiting DNA testing to attempt to identify the body. 

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  1. Old Pete says:

    Madsen needs to call Robert Durst’s lawyer (if he hasn’t already)!!