Update: Death on the UC3 Nautilus — Madsen Claims Wall Killed in Accident

Kim Wall

On August 10th, inventor Peter Madsen took Swedish journalist Kim Wall on a trip aboard his private submarine UC3 Nautilus in Copenhagen harbor as part of an interview. The submarine sank under mysterious circumstances. Madsen was rescued but Wall disappeared. Madsen initially claimed that he had put Wall ashore on an island. About two weeks later, Wall’s headless and limbless torso washed ashore. 

Madsen, who has been charged with murder, is now claiming that Wall was killed accidentally when she was struck in the head by the submarine’s 155-pound hatch. Madsen claims that he threw her body overboard in a panic. He then intentionally sank the submarine. Madsen denies dismembering the body and offered no explanation as to how Wall’s headless and limbless torso came to wash ashore in Copenhagen harbor.

Police investigators found traces of Wall’s blood and hair on the submarine.  Her underpants and tights were also found in the sub’s engine room. In a court hearing, prosecutors questioned Madsen about his relationships with women including claims that he had sex with women aboard the submarine. Madsen denied having sex with Wall. The prosecutors also inquired about Madsen’s interest in sadomasochism.  His lawyer commented later to a Swedish newspaper that while Madseon has “different sexual preferences,” that does not make him a murderer. 

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3 Responses to Update: Death on the UC3 Nautilus — Madsen Claims Wall Killed in Accident

  1. Willy says:

    my oh my what a weird story this is getting. it will be interesting to see what happens when Madsen stops lying.

  2. Irwin Bryan says:

    Madsen has as many versions of “what happened” as Trump Jr.!

  3. Rodger B says:

    Can’t wait to see justice done on this case! She deserves nothing less!