More Disturbing Evidence in the Death of Kim Wall on the UC3 Nautilus

More disturbing evidence has emerged in the death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall on the private submarine UC3 Nautilus last August. Peter Madsen, the owner of the submarine, has been charged with her murder. 

On August 10th, Danish inventor Peter Madsen took Swedish journalist Kim Wall on a trip aboard his private submarine in Copenhagen harbor as part of an interview. The submarine sank under mysterious circumstances. Madsen was rescued but Wall was never seen alive again. About two weeks later, Wall’s headless and limbless torso washed ashore.  

Recently, the Danish police have revealed that Wall’s body was stabbed 15 times around the time of her death. Traces of Madsen’s DNA have also been found on the body. A hard drive taken from Madsen’s lab was also found to contain video footage of women being tortured and decapitated. Madsen denies that the hard drive was his. He also continues to claim that Wall’s death was an accident.   Thanks to Phil Leon for contributing to this post.

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