ROUGH SEAS! Bad Weather in Atlantic Ocean

I love the videos shot and produced by maritime vlogger JeffHK. He describes himself as a sailor with a passion for photo/videography and drones who do vlogs while traveling the world on a mega container-ship.

This has been a rough week, so his video of rough weather in the Atlantic on an OOCL container ship seems especially appropriate. The storms at sea have both a fury and a beauty that seems somehow far preferable to what has been going on ashore. 

ROUGH SEAS! Bad Weather in Atlantic Ocean | Life at Sea

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2 Responses to ROUGH SEAS! Bad Weather in Atlantic Ocean

  1. John Wofford says:

    After tours aboard an Adams class DDG, a beat up old WW2 LST and a minesweeping boat this looks like a fairly tame ride. Think sunrise at sea and the gathering light shows a tangle of sea weed wrapped around a bridge windshield wiper, or losing all the firehoses on the port side during a fast carrier battle group passage out of Gib for Norva or losing an engine, springing the bow doors (LST) on a memorable night in the (then named) Formosa Straits. With no expansion joints the old “T” did a bit of twisting in a running sea, from the pilot house you could see the bow going one way while the aft end went the other way.

  2. This video would have been more effective if we could hear the pounding sea and the groaning ship instead of soothing trance music.