America’s Cup Concept Yacht AC75 — Foils But no Keel

The Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa design teams have unveiled the AC75, a concept design for the 36th America’s Cup in 2021. The design is a 75 foot long foiling monohull. Most notably, the AC75 lacks a keel.  The design uses the righting forces generated by the canting port and starboard foils for stability, as well as to lift the boat out of the water at speed. The canting foils also are ballasted to provide additional stability.

Here is a video animation of the concept design with commentary by Dan Bernasconi, Design Coordinator Emirates Team New Zealand. 

Morning Report: ‘Completely new concept of boat’ for America’s Cup 2021

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2 Responses to America’s Cup Concept Yacht AC75 — Foils But no Keel

  1. Irwin Bryan says:

    In the video it showed 3 foils. Do they change course by turning all of the foils, just one, or by sail-handling alone?
    There certainly wasn’t a rudder.

  2. Shug says:

    There IS a rudder in the usual position and it has a foil. The new innovation is that there is NO KEEL. The boat relies on the raised windward foil to provide the righting moment.Can’t wait… should be amazing!!

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