Building a Petrel Play Strip Kayak in One Minute

I am a big fan of strip kayaks in general and the designs of Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks in particular. Given that our family already owns five kayaks, it has become harder for me to argue that I really need one more.  Nevertheless, I have even considered building a strip kayak in my basement but quickly realized that if I did manage to complete the project, I would have no way to get it out, short of excavation. I would not have the same problem if I built a strip kayak in my living room, but divorce is so expensive these days, so I decided against it.  So, instead of building a  kayak, through the wonder of Youtube, I can watch others build them. Here is a time-lapse video of one of Schade’s Petrel Play kayaks being built in just under one minute. If only it was really so quick and easy.

For those wanting more detail, Schade also has eight and twenty-minute videos of the same process.

Making Petrel Play – 1 Minute

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