A Mariners’ Christmas — Mystic Seaport Wreaths and Lobster Pot Trees

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, it is time to start decorating for Christmas with lights, trees, and wreathes. At the Mystic Seaport Museum, 170 wreaths are being constructed or decorated over a period of 18 days to provide decorations for the festivities.

Up and down the north-east coast of the United States and Canada distinctive lobster pot Christmas trees are being assembled and decorated to welcome in the season. In Barrington, Nova Scotia, a lobster pot Christmas tree built of over 200 recycled lobster pots was lit on Thursday accompanied by fireworks. 

In Rockland, Maine, a 150 lobster port Christmas tree went up about a week ago in preparation for this weekend’s Rockland Festival of Lights. The tree features 2,500 lights, and more than 100 lobster buoys. 

Rockland Lobster Trap Christmas Tree

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