Ian Farrier, Designer & Builder of Folding Trimarans

Ian Ferrier

The Sailing Anarchy blog has posted a note from Rob Densem, General Manager of Farrier Marine, of Christchurch, NZ.:

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Ian Farrier passed away in San Francisco on his way back from the USA yesterday. We are in deep shock as we come to terms with the huge loss of our captain, and our focus is on Ian’s immediate family and the Farrier Marine team.

Ian was a visionary, a multihull genius, an all-round nice guy who leaves behind a huge legacy to the sailing world.

Farrier Marine Limited is a strong business with a three year order book for the revolutionary F-22 sailboat. Despite dealing with our grief, it is very much ‘business as usual’ at the factory today. It is our job now to carry on the Farrier legacy and ensure his vision is carried out. 

Ian Farrier has been described as an icon of the multihull world. He designed more than twenty trimarans and catamarans.  Most of his trimaran incorporate his patented Farrier Folding System, which allows the amas, or outer hulls, to fold inward for trailering or to limit width in docking. More than 2000 of his designs are said to be sailing the world today. –>

Farrier designs have won multiple awards. In 1981 Farrier’s Tramp was awarded Australian Boat of the Year. The F-27 was inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 1985. The F-24 Mk II was Sailing World’s 1996 ‘Performance Multihull of the Year’ in 1994 and the F-28 was awarded Sailing World’s 1998 ‘Performance Multihull Sailboat of the Year’ in 1997.

The F-22 is currently being manufactured in New Zealand, for worldwide export. The tri is designed to fit inside a shipping container for easy shipping. In October, Farrier Marine announced that to mark New Zealand’s victory in the America’s Cup they would be bringing out a limited edition all carbon foil assisted F-22F.

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2 Responses to Ian Farrier, Designer & Builder of Folding Trimarans

  1. Rick Lloyd says:

    Sorry to hear of Captain Ferrier’s passing. I sail an F-27 and it’s the perfect boat for an old Hobie sailor! It’s a truly remarkable boat. Sailing it to New Zealand after retirement is on my “bucket list” Would have loved to have met him

  2. Fredric Ducolon says:

    I respect and honor this man. And like him, I recently received an U.S. patent, on a boat. This patent covers the US , and patent pending in Canada,
    US patent 9,849,942 ( foldable boat ramp). For the purpose of making a small or medium sized amphibious landing craft. I’am sure the worlds military’s and construction companies will use this. This isn’t a sailboat, but sailboats need docks and breakwaters, and could of been used in Houston Tx. , the Carribean and the Florida Keys . And Happy New Year