Ark in Urk Goes Berserk — Second Casualty in Two Years

Ark in Urk Photo: EPA

A half-scale notional replica of Noah’s Ark went adrift in storm winds of 70 mph in the Dutch port of Urk last Wednesday, damaging several boats. People and animals aboard the “ark” were rescued, possibly two by two.

To be clear, the “ark” is a wooden structure sitting on a steel deck barge. It is one of two “arks” built by Dutch contractor and creationist Johan Huibers. Both craft are often referred to as “Johan’s Arks” and are maintained as Biblical attractions. The “ark” in Urk is 230 feet long, adapted to travel in the Dutch canal system, and was sold to Dutch artist Aad Peters in 2010. It has been moored in the Port of Urk in the Neverlands since January 2016.     

This is the second casualty resulting in two years from losing control of this “ark.” In June 2016, while in Oslo harbor, the “ark” collided with a Norwegian Coast Guard patrol boat, damaging both vessels. A two-story hole was knocked in the side of the “ark’s” wooden cladding.

The second of “Johan’s Arks” is based in Dordrecht, Netherlands, and is 390 feet long and is kept afloat by seven LASH barges. The “arks” are moved under tow in protected waters only.  

Thanks to Roberta Weisbrod for contributing to this post.

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  1. Jean-Pierre Declemy says:

    I believe from watching various videos that a mooring bollard pulled out of the ground. I wonder if any calculations were done on the windage versus swl of such fixtures*

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