Melbourne Smith — Mariner, Artist, & Marine Architect

The Pride of Baltimore II  Facebook page has some very bad news about Melbourne Smith. 

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3 Responses to Melbourne Smith — Mariner, Artist, & Marine Architect

  1. W Dornfeld says:

    So did “Annapolis navel architect, Thomas Gilmer” have a career designing belly buttons? :>) Maybe that should be “naval” architect.
    (You don’t have to post this.) I love your blog.

  2. Rick Spilman says:

    Amazing. That is the sort of typo that I would make. As it is in the Facebook post, it wasn’t mine for a change.

  3. Capt Michael Rawl says:

    RIP Melbourne
    Thanks to you and the crew who built Pride of Baltimore
    The most beautiful vessel of our time changed my life

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