Sailing Oyster Sloop Priscilla at the Long Island Maritime Museum

Last July, we posted about Christeen, the oldest oyster sloop in the US, built in 1883, which is still sailing on Oyster Bay, NY. Oyster Bay is on the North shore of Long Island. Not far away on the South shore in Great South Bay, an oyster sloop of similar vintage is also still sailing. The oyster sloop Priscilla built in 1888 is owned and operated by the Long Island Maritime Museum of West Sayville, NY.  Priscilla was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006.

From the SailPriscilla website:  From 1888 to 1963, Priscilla was owned and operated by several oystermen from Connecticut and New York. … Priscilla was one of the last working sailboats to dredge the oyster beds north of the Chesapeake Bay. … From 1963 to 1976, Priscilla became a cruising sailboat, after much hull and interior restoration. Her owner John Woodside sailed Priscilla several times to the Bahamas and to Maine. In the early 1970’s, he schooner rigged her, copying the sail plan of the famous schooner America. 

In 1976, John Woodside donated her to the Suffolk Marine Museum, which is known today as The Long Island Maritime Museum. As the largest vessel in our small craft collection, Priscilla has served as an effective goodwill ambassador. Since coming to the museum Priscilla has traveled the Great South Bay visiting various ports of call, and has participated in special regattas held for classic vessels.

Here is a short video about the history and restoration of the oyster sloop.

Restoration of the Oyster Sloop Priscilla

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