Do Octopus Change Color As They Dream?

In an upcoming PBS documentary, Octopus: Making Contact, a scientist observes an octopus changing color while sleeping upside down in a tank. Is it dreaming? Marine biologist Dr. David Scheel speculates what the dream might be in accordance with the particular shade of camouflage being exhibited at each moment. 

Octopus Dreaming

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One Response to Do Octopus Change Color As They Dream?

  1. Phil says:

    Could be, I have flown when I was a child, over my neighborhood streets.
    Dream in color, some really wild, some real weird, some way out SyFy crap. Most, but not always, I don’t remember.

    Sleep with a note pad and a pen or pencil next to your bed to write it down, next hit movie, maybe?

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