Update: Golden Horizon, ex-Flying Clipper, World’s Largest Sailing Ship, to Sail from UK Next Year

While this may not appear to be the best time to start a new cruise venture, if all goes well, in the Spring of 2021, Tradewind Voyages will offer voyages on the Golden Horizon, a 272 passenger five-masted barque.  Setting 68,000 square feet of sail, or over twice the sail area of the clipper ship Cutty Sark, she is the largest square-rigged sailing ship in the world.  The design of the ship was inspired by the France II, built in 1913.

Some of this may sound familiar. For the last five years, we have been following the construction of the Flying Clipper for Star Clipper Lines.  Last year we posted about a contract dispute between Star Clipper and the Croatian shipyard Brodosplit. Unable to come to terms, the shipyard took over the ship.  Reportedly, Brodosplit still owns the square-rigger which is, or will be, chartered to the UK based Tradewind. 

Reports are that initially, the ship will offer seven voyages from Harwich in East Anglia and two from Glasgow. A round-Britain voyage will include a stop off Cowes in the Isle of Wight for the traditional regatta fireworks, the Scilly Isles and the Channel Islands.

The ship will also sail to Denmark, Iceland, the Norwegian fjords and the Baltics.

From September 2021, Golden Horizon will sail east through the Suez Canal and follow the Maritime Silk Route to Jakarta in Indonesia and on to Bali. All voyages have been planned to take advantage of prevailing winds and the currents, often following traditional trading routes.

Voyages in late 2021 and into 2022 will feature Australia, the Indian Ocean, Japan, Alaska, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands.

Thanks to Irwin Bryan for contributing to this post.

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11 Responses to Update: Golden Horizon, ex-Flying Clipper, World’s Largest Sailing Ship, to Sail from UK Next Year

  1. Willy says:

    Just wondering if they designed for bridge clearance?

  2. Rick Spilman says:

    The Royal Clipper has a mast height of 197′ will fit under the George Washington Bridge and the Verrazano Narrows. My guess is that the Golden Horizon could as well.

  3. Well, if she is UK based she won’t be visiting London, the QE2 bridge over the River Thames has an Air draught of 53.9 metres (just under 177 feet) at MHWS and spring tides are around the 6 metre range so she might scrape under if the barometer is high but would risk getting neaped.

  4. I missed out that she would need to transit at low water 🙂

  5. Chris Roche says:

    SEACLOUD was 191 feet 6 inches truck to keel when I sailed in her for 6 months as deck crew in 1982 it was a stiff climb to the royals and there was no Dartford crossing bridge on the Thames when she came up to just below Tower bridge in 1981. Will GOLDEN HORIZON take on Cape Horn if she is to follow traditional prevailing wind patterns. Now that would be something to behold.

  6. Rick Spilman says:

    Their planned voyages so far look to be primarily eastbound, getting to the Indian Ocean via the Suez Canal. They include a circumnavigation of Australia which brings the ship briefly into the Southern Ocean. It would be amazing to see the ship transit Cape Horn. With the squares furling hydraulically, the operating crew shouldn’t have to spend much time aloft.

  7. Her insurers might have something to say if it was suggested that Cape Horn was planned. It would be interesting to find out if they would place such limits on a vessel which is presumably certified as ocean going or just charge an extra premium.

  8. Joseph Blair says:

    Isn’t there a legal case still in progress as to the lawful owner of this vessel? If so, wouldn’t it be risky to consider making bookings until the matter is confirmed to be settled?

  9. Rick Spilman says:

    The last I read in the media, the shipyard has a clear title to the ship. I cannot confirm that this is the case. About a year ago, there was some sort of arbitration going on, which apparently did not resolve the dispute.

  10. Joseph Blair says:

    Thanks Rick, appreciate the response. I’ve not seen anywhere that the dispute had actually been settled. I have been following the news articles over recent years and was very much looking forward to enjoying this magnificent ship under the Star Clipper banner, but must admit to now being very cautious until I actually see any articles that confirms the status. As everybody knows the whole travel and especially cruise sector is under incredible strain due to this awful covid-19 situation and now would not be a good time to chance my hard earned cash with a virtually unknown company, formed only a few months ago. Perhaps if they weather the storms of current market uncertainty and any legal disputes the situation would be different. Here’s hoping for calmer waters ahead!

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