Thank You for Reading Hell Around the Horn

Thank you for reading Hell Around the Horn. I thought that it was a story worth telling, about a time and a remarkable group of people who should not be wholly forgotten. I hope that you found that reading the book was worth your time.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the Hell Around the Horn. Whether you loved or hated the book, or fell somewhere in between, your comments and perspectives are valuable and I would love to hear them. Please contact me through the Contact page on the blog. I will respond to all emails and would love to hear from you.

Feel free to return to the on-line retailer where you bought the book and post a review. It need not be more than a line or two and it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Rick Spilman

6 Responses to Thank You for Reading Hell Around the Horn

  1. Norm England says:

    Just finished your book (as recommended by your mother). I am amazed at your knowledge and research regarding the rigging of those ships. I am reading a book by Jensen Carsten called “We the Drowned” about the early sailors of Denmark. Keep up the writing.

  2. Andrew Bacchi says:

    I obtained a Kindle copy of this book when it was offered free of charge on
    Amazon, thank you. I’m nearly finished reading it, and I’m completely engrossed in the book. You’ve managed to transport me to another time and culture, which I’ve not explored for many years.

    The story was extensively detailed, and the characters fleshed out enough, for the reader to feel the drama unfold aboard a merchant ship of the early twentieth century. The chapter “Fire Down Below”, really had my attention, as did other chapters. Drama continues throughout the voyage.

    I look forward to more good reads in this genre, and I’ll enjoy this blog as well.

  3. Irwin Bryan says:

    I’ve already told you how much I became engrossed in the story and was surprised at your knowledge. Actually, I just saw on Astrodene’s site that you have a short story available on Kindle and was hoping for a link on your site to place an order! I’ll wait a few days to see if one’s set-up here! Thanks again for making the book available to me!

  4. JOHN JOHNSEN says:

    Without picking your review apart (spelling, etc.) I generally agree with you. I also agree with Gen. HMD, LSMFT about Redford. I think he’s entirely over-rated, and I’m jealous.
    I’ll wait for any movie about Tristan Jones. Also ‘Grey Seas Under’ by Farley Mowat would make a great project for the special effects boys. It should be on your list along with ‘The Incredible Voyage’ and ‘Ice’

    1911 Crosby

  5. Bill Koller says:

    After reading it, I can cross off this item off my bucket list. I lived “Hell Around the Horn”.

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