Vendee Globe: Sam Davies’ and Sébastien Simon’s Boats Damaged by UFOs

Unidentified Floating Objects (UFOs) continue to take their toll on the Vendee Globe Race fleet.  Yesterday, Sam Davies, sailing Initiatives Coeur, and Sébastien Simon, sailing Arkea Paprec, each hit UFOs which seriously damaged their boats.  Davies reports: “I was sailing … Continue reading

Vendee Globe: Le Cam Rescues Escoffier After Boat Breaks in Half in Roaring Forties

High drama on the high seas. Kevin Escoffier was in third place in the Vendee Globe Race, sailing in the “Roaring Forties” about 840 miles south of Cape Town, when his boat PRB broke in half. He sent a brief … Continue reading

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild Attempt at Jules Verne Trophy Interrupted by UFO

Yesterday, we posted about a head to head race between trimarans  Sodebo and Maxi Edmond de Rothschild/Gitana 17 attempting to win the Jules Verne Trophy. While the race for the trophy is against the clock, the two boats that sailed within hours … Continue reading

Foiling Maxi-Trimarans Race Head to Head for Jules Verne Trophy

Early Wednesday, two 100′ long foiling maxi-trimarans, Sodebo and Maxi Edmond de Rothschild/Gitana 17 set out to race around the globe to attempt to win the Jules Verne Trophy. Sailing within hours of each other, Sodebo crossed the starting line, which … Continue reading

VB-10,000 “Golden Arches” Making Progress in First Cut in Golden Ray

After being delayed by hurricanes, the pandemic, and a broken link in the cutting chain, the heavy-lift catamaran VB-10,000, nicknamed the “Golden Arches” is now making good progress on the first cut to slice the stricken car carrier, Golden Ray … Continue reading

Electric Narco-Sub Seized in Riverbank Boatyard in Columbia

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security estimates that 32 percent of all maritime cocaine smuggled between Latin America and the United States arrives in narco-submarines. Narco-subs come in many shapes and sizes. Most are not submarines at all, but rather … Continue reading

Pride’s Capt. Jan Miles and “Coffee with the Captain”

We have been remiss in not posting about “Coffee with the Captain,” the wonderful Facebook video blog hosted by the highly respected schooner skipper Captain Jan Miles of the Pride of Baltimore II.  The series began last April and is … Continue reading

Cruise Lines Ready to Restart with Trial Cruises, First Attempt Sees Shipboard Outbreak

Would you volunteer to go on a cruise ship again? Apparently, tens of thousands are eager to do so. One of the first trial cruises in the Caribbean did not go well. The Center for Disease Control (CDCC) lifted its … Continue reading

The Pig War of 1859

If you are fond of obscure and slightly absurd history, the Pig War of 1859 is the war for you. It involved a territorial dispute between the United States and Great Britain over the San Juan Islands of the Pacific … Continue reading

Spanish Navy To Build New Rescue Ship for Submarines, Planes & Shipwrecks

Spain’s new S-80 submarines, under construction, will be able to operate at depths of at least 350 meters. If one gets into trouble, however, the Spanish Navy’s only ship set up for rescue and recovery can only hold its position … Continue reading

Tristan da Cunha Creates Largest Marine Sanctuary in the Atlantic

Tristan Da Cuhna is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world. The government of the island is now creating the fourth largest completely protected marine area in the world and the largest in the Atlantic. Fishing and … Continue reading