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Combi-Dock III Sailing from New York Harbor Carrying Windjammer Peking

The ship was just a silhouette in the haze as we sailed into New York harbor. We were on the last leg of the delivery of my new/old sailboat Arcturus from southern Virginia to Oyster Bay, Long Island.  The ship … Continue reading

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Windjammer Peking Loaded on Combi Dock II for Voyage Home

On an overcast Friday in New York’s inner harbor, the windjammer Peking, was gently slipped into the flooded well deck of the heavy-lift ship Combi Dock III.  Once in position, the heavy-lift’s ballast tanks were pumped out, lifting the historic … Continue reading

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Update: Windjammer Peking Heading Home to Hamburg

I heard this morning that the heavy lift ship Combi Dock III has entered New York harbor.  (Thanks Daniel Pine for the heads-up.) The ship is reported to be the heavy-lift chartered to carry the windjammer Peking back to her home … Continue reading

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