Singapore Among First to Prioritize Covid-19 Vaccination of Seafarers

Singapore has become one of the first states to prioritize seafarers to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. Nautilus International reports that more than 10,000 maritime workers are scheduled for vaccination by the end of January 2021 under the country’s Sea – … Continue reading

Covid-19 Vaccines, Horseshoe Crab Blood, and Big Pharma Vampires

As the race is on to distribute Covid-19 vaccines around the globe, horseshoe crabs, or more specifically, horseshoe crab blood, is playing a major role in ensuring that the vaccines are safe to be injected into peoples’ arms. In fact, … Continue reading

White House Hotspot — Admiral, General, and Aides Test Positive for Covid-19

If anyone doubts that the coronavirus pandemic is having a negative impact on the national defense of the United States, one need only look at the expanding Covid-19 hotspot in the White House itself. A recent leaked FEMA memo said … Continue reading

More Than 100,000 Crew Still Trapped Aboard Cruise Ships

The Miami Herald recently helped to quantify the scale of the crew repatriation crisis aboard cruise ships around the world. They report that “two months after the cruise industry shut down amid repeated COVID-19 outbreaks on ships, more than 100,000 … Continue reading

USS Roosevelt Update: Over 700 Infected, Sailors Test Positive Despite Isolation

The plan was to start moving sailors who had completed a 14-day coronavirus quarantine back on the carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt beginning this Saturday. Politico reports that that plan has been delayed after a number of sailors tested positive for … Continue reading

First Sailor from USS Theodore Roosevelt Dies From Coronavirus

The coronavirus was spreading out of control on the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, docked in Guam. Captain Brett Crozier pleaded with his superiors to evacuate most of the sailors from the ship to try to stem the infection. On … Continue reading

CDC Modifies & Extends “No Sail Order” for All Cruise Ships

Last Thursday, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) extended its “No Sail Order” for cruise ships calling on the United States. The CDC announced that “this Order shall continue in operation until the earliest of three situations. First, the expiration … Continue reading