Bukken-Bruse — From Ferry to “Starchitect” Family Houseboat

Built almost 60 years ago, the 126′ long ferry Bukken-Bruse carried cars and passengers from Bergen, Norway to various coastal ports for close to two decades before being redeployed to operate between Fejø and Kragenæs, Denmark for another 20 years. … Continue reading

Three Years Later, Raising the Sewol Ferry — the Tragedy Which Helped Bring Down Korea’s President

On April 16, 2014, the cargo/passenger ferry Sewol capsized off the southwestern coast of Korea. Of the 476 passengers and crew aboard, 304 died, the majority of which were high school students on a school field trip. Now, almost three … Continue reading

Update: Coast Guard Report — Kayaks & NYC Ferry Collision, Enough Blame to Go Around

On August 30, 2016, just before 6PM, a commuter ferry collided with a group of nine kayakers, shortly after departing from the NY Waterway terminal at 39th Street on the Hudson River in Manhattan. Four of the kayakers were injured included the … Continue reading

Another Zanzibar Ferry Sinks – 38 Dead, 100 Missing

Last September we posted about the sinking of a ferry off Zanzibarwith the loss of 200 passengers.  Yesterday, another ferry sank off the Zanzibar coast. Thirty eight are confirmed dead with another 100 missing.  Zanzibar police spokesman Mohamed Mhina said, “Search operations continue but … Continue reading