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Remembering HMS Bounty – National Geographic Footage from her Maiden Voyage in 1960

Wonderful footage from National Geographic of the HMS Bounty’s maiden voyage in 1960 by photographer Luis Marden.

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Building the Titanic – There’s an App for That !

So you want to build an unsinkable passenger liner? Well, there is an app for that!  OK, not really, but National Geographic has developed a free “Building the Titanic” app for the iPad, which looks at the construction of the ship.   Preview … Continue reading

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Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes

For those in the US, the National Geographic Channel is featuring a a program “Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes” this evening at 10PM.  Looks interesting. Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes

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A Hawaiian Tsunami – National Geographic Simulation

The Hawaiian islands and the West Coast of the United States suffered relatively minor damage in Friday’s tsunami.   What would a tsunami created by a major eruption of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano be like?  National Geographic presents  a chilling simulation.  Thanks to Linda … Continue reading

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