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Opening Oysters with a Marlinspike at the Deltaville Oyster Roast

In the past year and a half, I have spent far more time in a boatyard in Deltaville, VA on the Rappahannock River than I would have imagined or intended. While I have not necessarily had great luck with repairs … Continue reading

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“The Twentieth Century”: The Sailing Oystermen

At one time, 2,000 skipjacks dredged for oysters under sail. Now they number fewer than 40 and less than half are actively fishing. Walter Cronkite hosts this documentary that examines a disappearing way of life for Chesapeake Bay skipjack sailors, … Continue reading

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New Jersey Oyster Madness

In the east side of New York harbor, the New York State side, the lowly oyster is a hero.  Not only will restored oyster beds help filter and clean the water of the harbor, they could also play a critical … Continue reading

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Storytelling at the Bivalve Shipping Sheds

If Detroit was and is the “motor city,” then perhaps Bivalve, New Jersey was the Oyster Capital of the World.  By the late 1880s, 90 railcars full of oysters were shipped from Bivalve every week.  Oysters were once the largest … Continue reading

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