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Beyond Reality TV Farce, Addressing the Real Threats to Endangered Whales

The New York Times, this morning, features in their “Room for Debate” section, a worthwhile discussion on the real threats to the survival of whale species, entitled, Did We Save the Whales?   In the discussion, Junichi Sato of Greenpeace Japan notes … Continue reading

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Japan Take Sea Shepherds to Court over Violence

Japan’s whaling authorities are suing the Sea Shepherds in US courts to attempt to stop the violence directed by the organization against the annual Japanese whale hunt.  The Sea Shepherds claim that the annual hunt is illegal, but prefer what they … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Farce Continues with New Toy Boat and Movie Star

Paul Watson and his merry band of bumbling pirates, the Sea Shepherds, stars of the “reality” TV show, Whale Wars, have a new high speed toy boat and have recruited Michelle Rodriguez, the actor who played the kick-ass helicopter pilot in … Continue reading

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Whale Wars War of Words: Sinking of the Ady Gil Ordered by Watson?

Last January the power boat Ady Gil was hit by the Japanese whaling ship, Shonan Maru 2, during the Sea Shepherds‘ protest/reality TV show.  Who was responsible for the collision is still the subject of controversy. Now the captain of the Ady … Continue reading

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