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French Bomber of Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior Apologizes 30 Years Later

On July 10, 1985, agents of the French government planted mines and blew up Greenpeace‘s Rainbow Warrior  in the port of Auckland, New Zealand to prevent the ship to be used to protest a planned French nuclear test in Moruroa. Fernando Pereira, a photographer, drowned … Continue reading

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USS Guardian & Rainbow Warrior – Did Bad Charts Lead to Two Groundings on Tubbataha Reef ?

In 2005, when the Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior, ran aground on Tubbataha Reef in the Sulu Sea, the captain claimed that the reef was incorrectly plotted on his charts. As reported by the UK’s Guardian in November 1, 2005: Red Constantino of Greenpeace Southeast Asia blamed the incident on a … Continue reading

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Building a New Rainbow Warrior – Remembering the Bombing 25 Years Ago

Twenty five years ago this week, French government agents attached limpit mines to the hull of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior, in Auckland harbor in New Zealand to stop the ship from protesting French nuclear testing in Moruroa. The exploding mines sank the Rainbow Warrior, killing Fernando Pereira, … Continue reading

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