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Sign of the Times — Sperm Whale Killed by Plastic Garbage

You might call it the greenhouse effect, though it is not directly related to climate change. A dead sperm whale which washed ashore last year in Andalusia, in southern Spain, was found to have died from ingesting plastic sheets used in the construction of greenhouses in that region.  The whale … Continue reading

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What Big Eyes You Have, Mr. Giant Squid!

Tomorrow, January 27th, at 8 PM ET & PT, the Discovery Channel is airing Monster Squid: The Giant is Real featuring the first video ever recorded of a  live giant squid in its natural habitat. (See our recent post Giant Squid Filmed for … Continue reading

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Moby, Mocha and the Whale ship Essex

People are often surprised to hear that Herman Melville’s masterpiece, Moby Dick, was inspired, at least in part, by the sinking of the whale ship Essex by a sperm whale.  By all accounts the sinking of the Essex haunted Melville and unquestionably supplied him with ending of his … Continue reading

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