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Nautical Blog Hop & A Week of Windjammers – Remembering the Pamir, Last Cargo Carrying Windjammer

When did the great age of sail finally end?  (Some would argue that it is not yet over.)  If one was to pick a single date when it finally came to a close,  I would choose today, fifty six years … Continue reading

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Nautical Blog Hop & a Week of Windjammers: Day Two – Is History Just a Sea Story?

What is history? What is fiction?  These seem to be straightforward questions. The conventional answer would be that history is what happened and fiction are the stories that we make up.  In writing my recent novel I was faced with … Continue reading

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Weigh Anchor Nautical Blog Hop, Day 1: Windjammers – Not Dead, Not Even Past

My novel Hell around the Horn is set on a British windjammer on a voyage around Cape Horn in the particularly brutal winter of 1905.  I wanted to write the novel, in part, because the windjammers have been largely forgotten … Continue reading

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Great Downeast Windships – Photos by Fred Fred LeBlanc

Photographer and graphic artist Fred LeBlanc has posted a wonderful montage of his photographs set to the music of Tim Janis. Definitely worth a look. Great Downeast Windships

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Are Modern Ships Slower Than Sailing Ships? Probably not.

In 2010, the headline read,  Modern cargo ships slow to the speed of the sailing clippers. The article was subtitled, “Container ships are taking longer to cross the oceans than the Cutty Sark did as owners adopt ‘super-slow steaming’ to … Continue reading

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