How to Sail a Full-Rigged Ship, Part 1

So you want to learn to sail a square-rigger? Here is one of the best visual explanations of the basics that I have come across, courtesy of the full-rigged ship Sørlandet.  Part 1 looks at the sails & rigging.

How to sail a Full-Rigged-Ship – The Sørlandet Part 1

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3 Responses to How to Sail a Full-Rigged Ship, Part 1

  1. Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM, MN (Ret.) says:

    Great idea Rick. One hopes that you run all the episodes they are much needed. This should teach all those “armchair seafarers” how it really works when under square-rig so different from a power-driven vessel. I was fortunate growing up that one of my Dad’s Senior Master (he managed had three ships) was a British Extra Master in both Sail and Steam who took time to instruct me. He also gave me his nautical library which I still have in the bookcase behind me as I write this.
    Good Watch.

  2. Alan Rice says:

    This is great, Rick. Many thanks.

  3. Capt.David Simon says:

    Excellent stuff!
    For a 45 years at sea, experienced “power driven” vessel Master and Pilot,
    but whose “sea fever” started with books read on the good old “windbags”
    this was a fantastic find. I still read books on sailing vessel, a great fan of the Onedin line and have managed to visit a few sailing vessels in Dundee and Dunkirk with wistful thoughts of having missed it all and feeling that somehowall those years at sea , circumnavigation, ice navigation and international harbour piloting still does not make me a “real” sailor unless I had time in sail or even better had rounded the Horn in sail!
    I wonder if at 65 I can at least make one small voyage in square sail somewhere! Meanwhile, arm-chair windbag sailing for me with surfing for information such as this most helpful one. Thanks & God Bless!
    Rev.Capt.David Simon