Shackleton Epic Expedition Lands on South Georgia Island – An Ocean Crossed, A Mountain Yet to Climb

shackletonepicIn late January we posted about the “Shackleton Epic Expedition,” led by Australian Tim Jarvis, shoving off from Elephant Island in the lifeboat Alexandra Shackleton, in an attempt to reenact the incredible 1916 voyage of Ernest Shackleton and his six man crew in a decked-over lifeboat, across 800 miles of the Southern Ocean to South Georgia Island.  On Sunday, Jarvis and his crew hauled the Alexandra Shackleton ashore on the beach at Peggotty Bluff, South Georgia Island, the same location where Shackleton and his men landed nearly 100 years ago.  The reenactors will now attempt to climb mountainous ridge that runs the length of the island to reach the site of the whaling station where Shackleton sought help for his stranded expedition. Video of the landing after the jump.

Shackleton explorers reach landfall in expedition recreation

Shackleton Epic landing on South Georgia

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