Grim Discovery in Kim Wall Murder

Kim Wall

The Danish police made a grim discovery in the murder of Kim Wall. On Friday, divers discovered the severed head, legs and arms of the Swedish journalist, as well as some of her clothing and a knife. The body parts were found in bags which contained pieces of metal presumably to weigh them down. The bags were located in Koge Bay, less than a mile from where Ms. Wall’s torso was located on August 21. 

Kim Wall disappeared after going on a trip in Copenhagen harbor onboard Peter Madsen’s private submarine, UC3 Nautulis, as part of an interview. The submarine sank under mysterious circumstances and Ms. Wall disappeared. Mr. Madsen was rescued and subsequently charged with murder. Ms. Wall’s dismembered torso washed onto a nearby beach eleven days later.

Peter Madsen initially claimed that he had put Ms. Wall ashore prior to the sinking. He later claimed that she had been killed accidentally when the submarine’s hatch fell on her head. That claim is now in doubt as the recovered head, identified by dental records, showed no signs of damage to the cranium.  

Thanks to Phil Leon for contributing to this post.

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  1. Willy says:

    What a waste. He had so much and threw it all away.